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Wellbeing is on everyone’s agenda. This is the age of wellness.

We want to help people find Zen during their busy working day. That’s why we are working closely with wellness professionals to offer wellness sessions as part of placemaking. 

We want people to get into the great outdoors and meditate or do yoga. Why do we limit ourselves to indoor studios? Surely natural light and fresh air add to the experience! 

We believe that Streetdots makes people’s lives easier and more interesting. Through convenience and variety, we offer wellbeing.We also have very healthy food and beverage food trucks and cater to all dietary requirements! 

We are all about the consumer / tenant / employee experience. 

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Find your favourites

We approached StreetDots to service a high profile event in Marlborough House for a royal occasion. They acted swiftly, professionally and with their unique booking platform secured an amazing line up of quirky independent food businesses. Operationally slick they delivered. Will most definitely be engaging with them for future events.

Fortnum & Mason

Building Owners
and Operators

Maximise your assets with StreetDots. Utilise your unused space and make additional revenue.

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Independent Brands and Artisans

Flexible sales and exclusive locations across the city. Choose your dates, your dot, and book via our vendor app.

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and Tenants

Discover brand new flavours, discover independent brands, and avail of our wellbeing offerings.

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Private Bookings and Corporate Events

Bored of traditional catering? Cater your own events by handpicking your offering and let the party come to you!

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