We currently support 2700+ traders in food, beverages, retail and more, who use our platform to book iconic trading occasions across the capital and beyond!

Our land partners include Westfield UK, British land, Transport for London, Blackstone, LandSec, WeWork and many more.

We have 200+ trading locations in shopping centres, train stations, business parks, office campuses, and more. We cover every sector in real estate and believe that every space is an opportunity!

It is an affordable way to get your brand out there in front of thousands of customers. We work on a rotational basis – so you get to trade on various locations rather than being stuck seen by only one audience.

We require you to complete a quick 12-15 minute registration process, then you become eligible to book trading spots (dots) all over the city!

Market trading is not flexible enough and the hours are painful! We are flipping this sector on its head. 

It’s as easy as this: Pick your trading location, your trading time, show up, trade for approximately 3 hours during prime slots and then you can leave! You are not tied in and the hours are comfortable. 

Trading on StreetDots gives stand-alone brand visibility – allowing all eyes on you and your product. (in most cases). This is the best way for online creatives with a digital presence to have a physical, consumer-facing presence too!

We are reimagining outdoor retail and hope you will become one of our preferred suppliers!

Please note – If you are a retailer you do not need a vehicle but it will definitely open up more opportunities – even if it is a small cart

Explore limitless street trading opportunities

We are always growing our land operator and trader databases to ensure StreetDots offers unrivalled street trading opportunities for all our users.

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Registering with StreetDots is incredibly easy. There are just five steps to register your business with StreetDots, and then you’re on your way!

  1. Head to traders.streetdots.co.uk to create a profile
  2. Tell us more, such as the type and size of your unit and what you sell
  3. Get compliant – upload your compliance documents and skills certifications – you only need to do this once and we will even send you a reminder when they are due to expire
  4. Attend a one hour induction session where you will will get approved and obtain a certificate.

Who can use StreetDots?

From a juice trike to an airstream and everything in between, we have street trading opportunities for all shapes and sizes. Our dots have hosted bikes, stalls, gazebos, tuk-tuks, vintage vans, and even a converted London taxi. Enter the details of your set up when you sign up and our smart matching system will make sure you fit! If you are a retailer, you do not need a vehicle, but we recommend one as it will open up more opportunities.

From street food to flowers to fashion

StreetDots started with street food, but our vision has always been bigger – to revolutionise pitch booking for all street vendors no matter what they sell. In 2018 we launched our first retail dots to help mobile businesses such as flower stalls, fashion accessories and food gifting. Different things sell at different times, so many of our dots can be booked for a particular trading session; for example a lunchtime or evening slot.

Smart matching to help you succeed

StreetDots was created to democratise the process of street vending. Our aim is to give first-time traders the same opportunities as established vendors – there is a dot for everyone!

StreetDots will only match you with locations where you have the potential to perform. For example, we would never put you next to another vendor or shop selling the same thing. Some of our sites also might not be available to you for practical reasons, such as the size and height of your set up. Don’t worry, if you cannot book a particular dot, we will always let you know why.

We’ll help you fly

Not only does StreetDots want your business to do well, but we also want to help you fly. Could a scruffy sign or ripped gazebo be holding you back? Ever wondered why you have been turned down by a particular market or festival? Our highly experienced street ambassadors will work with you to elevate your business and take your turnover to the next level.  

Street trader types

We welcome all types of street vendors onto our network of pitches. The TradeSmart app will find a space to suit you, whether you run a stall, gazebo, trike, truck, or converted ambulance! We pride ourselves on the variety of different products that are sold by our traders. Here are a few examples, to give you the picture. Can’t see your product? Don’t worry, we always welcome new ideas.

Here are examples of our unit types

Beverages and small eats – coffee, tea, juice, prosecco, wine, milkshakes, smoothies, ice lollies and muffins

Street Food – We have 130 different cuisines on our platform. Everything from pizza, burritos, barbecue, sandwiches, burgers, pies, wraps, arepas, dumplings, momos, gyozas, Thai food, Indian curry, to vegan and healthy options.

Food retail – sauces, preserves, chocolates, nut butters, preserves, coffee beans, olives, biscuits, bakery goods, cheese and more! Anything you can take home and use really!

Retail – fashion, beauty, gifts, flowers, jewellery, fashion accessories, and more!

Snap your pitch up

StreetDots knows how hard it is to find a good pitch. That is why we created technology to help you trade when and where you want. Upload your documents once on our web portal, then book a pitch in a couple of clicks using the TradeSmart app. StreetDots’ UK wide network of pitches or ‘dots’ includes city office complexes, public squares, shopping streets, and retail parks. They are available to book a day at a time, or even for a single trading session, such as breakfast or lunch. We use trading data to price each pitch individually to make it work for your business.

Sales data tracking and marketing

The benefits of StreetDots do not stop with hassle-free bookings. We promote your business through our digital marketing channels and customer app. We have also added tools, like digital invoicing and sales data tracking, to make managing your business that little bit easier.

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