StreetDots announce brand new opportunities for street traders in London and beyond

StreetDots – the marketplace connecting street traders with land owners and operators has announced that they have some big expansion plans and great opportunities for independent brands.

StreetDots was created out of necessity in 2014 by co-founders Atholl Milton and Darren Calcott. The tech platform was created to allow traders to book spaces to trade on within London. By working with land partners to utilise unused space, they in turn – were giving street traders brand new places to trade across the city, allowing them to gain exposure which would otherwise have been limited to a market stall etc.

There are now over 2000+ traders on the platform taking advantage of 250 trading locations offering morning, afternoon, and evening trading slots across all real estate sectors.

Brand New Sectors

The team at StreetDots are continually evaluating consumer needs and they have created numerous new offerings for traders and land-owners to enhance the placemaking offering – giving more independent brands and artists across new sectors like wellbeing, retail, experiential and music a new stage.

Landowners can now start to think about placemaking and wellbeing in a very creative way – by bringing more than just food and beverages to the party.

StreetDots are working closely with TFL and other major land partners to rejuvenate dead areas and even breathe life into brand new developments. The land owners win – by increasing their footfall and maximising their assets as well as giving their tenants more choice. Street Traders and artists win, by having brand new places to showcase products and talent. These ‘dots’ are in some very prime locations and the bricks and mortar retail shop rentals in these areas would be completely unaffordable. StreetDots are breaking down walls and transforming the ‘flow of the city’.


Street Traders and Independent Brands can now work with StreetDots to offer seasonal offerings. There are a huge number of opportunities now for vendors looking to cater to these seasons and holidays.

Private Bookings

StreetDots now has a private bookings form for corporate events, weddings, intimate events, charity events and more. These opportunities are wonderful for street traders, as they will be showcasing their brands in an intimate and special way.

Vehicle options

StreetDots is trying to make it cheap and easy for people to create small businesses. Restaurateurs across the globe as reinventing themselves by purchasing and kitting out fleets of branded food trucks. We want everyone – big or small to be able to use our platform to either launch and establish themselves, or to reinvent an existing brand. Traders with one vehicle can now use other modes of transport ie. a bicycle to sell additional products in alternative locations.

There has never been a better time to register as a trader on this incredible and revolutionary platform.

Coming to a city near you –

Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow