Everyone loves the changing seasons. With seasons, come holidays! That’s why StreetDots offer unrivalled access to the most prestigious seasonal street trading locations!

Land operators normally feel the pressure at these times to make things festive. We can help! 

We give our traders an opportunity to offer seasonal in-demand products in atmospheric spaces in what would otherwise be very dull or unused outdoor spaces.

StreetDots’ Seasonality program aims to cater to the flexibility of modern life, and changing consumer spending habits. The StreetDots platform artfully enables this flexibility through its multi-purposing of underused space across the nation.

With 2700+ brands, we can create seasonal experiences to fit any theme!

Our seasonal street trading vision

We want holidays to be as joyful for the adults as they are for the children. StreetDots is taking holidays back from the gigantic and overbearing supermarkets who, with their gaudy bright brands, currently dominate. We want consumers to select that handcrafted chocolate easter egg, or insanely addictive Christmas just-baked cookies, served by the people who made them that morning. We want children to be eating real hard-boiled sweets, just like our grandparents used to feed us, not plastic-wrapped same old offerings. We want valentines to be the most thoughtful and customisable offerings.

The most recognisable benefit of seasonal street trading and seasonal enlivenment derives from the flexible dial-up, dial-down nature of this kind of opportunity which fits in with modern trend and novelty-led consumer spending habits. Rather than being tied to specific commitments, StreetDots can deliver appropriate and complementary vendor offers straight to consumers whilst delivering the Land Operators extra income.

We have helped to host a number of outdoor events including city beach parties, summer sports days, Wimbledon parties, winter warm-ups and Bollywood nights!

If you are interested in catering for corporate or private events – click here!

Here are a few of our seasonal Food and Beverage offerings:

Spring – Prosecco trucks, Sandwiches, Picnic grab n’ go offerings, Smoothies, Healthy wraps, Cupcakes, etc. 

Summer – Caribbean street food, Ice cream, Ice lollies, Strawberries & cream, Pimms and other summery cocktails, Juices, BBQ offerings, etc.

Autumn – Hot and hearty soups, Spicy wraps, Burritos, Halloween sweet treats, Cinnamon doughnuts, Fried Chicken, etc. 

Winter – Handmade Pies, Hearty noodle soups, Hot rice bowls, Churros, Coffee and Hot chocolate, Waffles, etc.

Click here to see how we are helping pubs with summertime seasonal offerings!

Rotation is the key to success

We have perfected the street trading model. It is based on rotation.

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