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Seasonal Locations

Seasonal Locations

As well as year round enlivenment, StreetDots offers seasonal dots tailored to your needs. We have helped landowners host city beach parties, summer sports days and Bollywood nights. Summer ice lollies? Flowers for Valentines? Chocolate eggs at Easter? Strawberries for Wimbledon? Christmas craft stalls? Outdoor movie popcorn? Just let us know your needs and we will make your event planning that little bit easier.

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If you'd like to maximise your revenue and make your land available as a StreetDots location, get in touch with our team and we'd be happy to help get things started!

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Without StreetDots, we would not have been able to launch in locations next to some of the most iconic sites in London.


Hassle free place making

  • Anywhere: offices, universities, stadiums, high street and industrial parks
  • Unlock revenue: through regular ground rent and one-off events
  • Market matching: we categorise vendors to complement your existing tenant mix
  • Control: you decide which types of vendors you would like and which days they visit
  • Compliance: vendors' documents are strictly vetted and monitored for expiry
  • Rotation: a changing line-up of vendors every day, month or week to keep a space interesting
  • Micro leasing: let space by the hour or particular time of day – think morning coffee, lunchtime street food and rush hour flowers
  • Seasonal booking: host an ice cream cart in summer or gift stall at Christmas
  • Free site survey and turnaround within 24 hours
  • Support: regular vendor visits from our street ambassadors ensure our vendors meet high standards
  • Communication: contact the StreetDots team instantly through our land operator portal

Building Owners
and Operators

Maximise your assets with StreetDots. Utilise your unused space and make additional revenue.

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Independent Brands and Artisans

Flexible sales and exclusive locations across the city. Choose your dates, your dot, and book via our vendor app.

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and Tenants

Discover brand new flavours, discover independent brands, and avail of our wellbeing offerings.

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Private Bookings and Corporate Events

Bored of traditional catering? Cater your own events by handpicking your offering and let the party come to you!

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