We are the number one platform for outdoor street vending! We are more than street food, we are a real estate service.

Here’s how we started:

Our founders met in 2014, when Atholl (one of our co-founders) was building a food truck business, having had experience from working with the international heavyweights in f&b, he called upon the expertise of Darren (our other co-founder) and his design talents to create a new mobile food brand called BunnyChow. They created the ideal truck and business, but found that they were limited in finding good trading pitches. They realised that the real estate community could benefit from a new service and voila StreetDots was born!

Here’s what we do best!

  1. Support land partners with outdoor activation and tenant engagement
  2. Give 2700+ independent brands iconic places to trade
  3. Cater and enliven private and corporate events of any size, theme and budget

We breed entrepreneurs and currently support over 2,700 independent brands. We give brands access to book street trading locations (200+) every day of the week, all year round, whilst providing building owners and operators with increased footfall, additional revenue, and happier tenants.

StreetDots is a high growth company. We aim to be present in every large UK city by 2021. Alongside the UK, we will launch internationally aiming to become a global brand.

Street trading locations in London, Manchester and beyond!

We deliver an integrated marketplace with compelling retail and f&b experiences. We build deep, personal connections with consumers, land partners, vendors, and collaborators as we bring modernisation to an already established sector.

Our team is hardworking, driven and we have a lot of fun together. 

Meet the creators!

Atholl Milton and Darren Callcott
Atholl Milton (left) and Darren Callcott (right)

Our founders are true visionaries and futurists. They have integrity, compassion, intelligence and bundles of creative ideas. Darren Callcott brings his detailed eye and creative intellect from an award winning global design firm, and Atholl Milton incredible leadership skills, mastered whilst managing operations at some of the largest food and beverage brands in the world. Together they oversee the day to day running of the business and lead a team of 22.

The StreetDots team on a recent away day
The StreetDots team on a recent offsite trip

We are working with every sector in the largest industry on earth – real estate. Most flexible retailing initiatives are commercially focused, but we are able to enliven residential areas with our rotational offering also.

We are unlike any other company with a very unique business model. Click here to receive our pitch deck. We are currently seeking funding for our Series A round. We would love to hear from you if you see our vision. We are soon to launch an Investor Dataroom to showcase our investment requirements. Please click above if you would like to be invited.

We have had incredible support from investors in the past, with a successful Seed Round with Round Hill Capital. Click here to view our Crunchbase profile.

Our business would not have been possible without the support from our land partners. Currently, we have just under 100 collaborative land partners coming from all of the top global firms.

We have great offices in the Hop Exchange right next to Borough Market. StreetDots has an open door policy for those wishing to pop in and learn more. Come and see us! 

StreetDots HQ
Hop Exchange
Southwark St.
London SE1 1TY

Event Participation

We have supported a number of events across various sectors. We have been heavily involved in PropTech / placemaking / wellness events. The latest being: Future PropTech, SPACE UK, Global PropTech Online, & Event Tech Live where our founders shared their ideas on the future of real estate and flexible retail. More to come in 2020!