We connect you with the best of London independents in f&b, retail, wellness and more! Have you ever visited large developments in London and wondered how they organise street food for lunch, strawberries and deck chairs for Wimbledon etc? This is what we do! We specialise in outdoor experiences. 

If you have a bit of spare land, we can help you activate that area, and in turn increase footfall and keep your tenants / residents happy!  

You also make money by collaborating with us. We charge our vendors to trade on your dot, we organise and manage it all, and we split the proceeds with you. Some of our partners are using across their entire portfolios, and are making a large amount of money whilst saving money in not having to hire a ‘placemaking specialist’. 

Our tech platform ‘market-matches’ suitable street vendors for your location. We work closely with our partners to ensure that you and your tenants are getting what you want!

Here’s how it works:

Free Site Survey – You will get a dedicated account manager, who will come and complete a free site survey to determine if the site is suitable etc. This person will capture all the information our vendors will need to start booking, for example access, security, operational arrival times, size of space, health and safety etc. Once the site survey is complete we will email you a more detailed proposal. StreetDots will recommend the quantity of dots and number of days per week to trade. Once you’re happy,  we will load your ‘dot’ onto our portal, which will then be live and visible to our relevant vendors, who can the book to trade there. We then set a launch date. (Typically we would allow 2 weeks build up time to secure bookings with relevant vendors)

**Good to know**  We determine which size unit can fit within your space. We also make sure vendors do not clash with existing f&b or retail near you. We compliment and do not cannibalize! We guarantee that all vendors are vetted and approved. Each vendor submits compliant documents to their profile for example: PAT testing, food hygiene, liability insurance etc. If any of these documents expire we freeze the vendor account until they are back up to date. We do all of the work in managing our vendors, so you don’t have to!

Booking alerts / Vendor line up – You will receive an email every Thursday at 5pm with the following weeks booking(s), so you can see who is trading. You will also get automated updates if there are changes to the bookings, so you are always in the loop. 

Marketing & social media – We will promote our collaboration with you. We will launch your site digitally and raise awareness around your dot(s). You are welcome to market this to your tenants too!

Ongoing support & maximising assets – Our Land  Partner Relations Manager will be on hand to maximise your estate: including more day parts like breakfast and evenings, seasonal offers and private bookings. Our on the ground street ambassadors carry out regular spot check sites maintaining standards and checking compliance.

Financial recon – At the end of each month we will issue a statement to you containing total bookings along with any cancellations and in line with the agreed revenue split.

In the end everybody wins – Additional revenue, more variety and choice, increased footfall, and happier tenants! 

We created the StreetDots booking platform to make things easy for public and private land operators to host street vendors.

What makes a space?

Firstly, we need to look at our human needs, then, we need to look at our wants Combining these with the five human senses is the way you create great spaces! We can help with the needs and the wants and we take all senses into consideration!

Think of a coffee cart – it appeals to the eye, there is a nice amount of human interaction, something a little unique and memorable. The smell of the beans, the sound of the machine whirring, the look of the milk as it’s poured over the coffee, the feeling you get when you hand money to an independent trader. It’s much more than a cup of coffee. It might be the nicest part of your working day! 

Think of a food truck – These guys are so specialised in certain cuisines that they have made a life doing it in a confined space. There is something to be said for that kind of dedication! Their variety and choice offers a sense of adventure and intrigue. Your interaction with the person preparing your food is rare in the city. These little experiences are more than placemaking. 

These offerings do not get stale, due to our rotational system. The management of 2500+ vendors and hundreds of land partners is what we specialise in. 

Our technology removes pressure from your asset management team by taking care of everything from site surveys and compliance checks, to matching the right vendors to your estate. Our vendors are vetted and categorised to ensure they complement your retail mix.

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