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How it works

How it works

The marketplace connecting real estate & consumers to independent vendors in food, beverage & retail

Our tech platform ‘market-matches’ suitable street vendors for your location. Whether it’s street food, beverages or mobile retail, StreetDots provides a unique solution to enliven space and create additional revenue, while supporting independent entrepreneurs.

Phase 1 – Getting started

Site survey – Your ‘Space Liaison’ will visit the site and complete a free survey capturing all the information our vendors will need to start booking, for example access, security, operational arrival times, size of space, health and safety.

Our recommendations – Once the site survey is complete we will email you a more detailed proposal. StreetDots will recommend the quantity of dots and number of days per week to trade. Once you’re happy, we will send through a more formal agreement.

Phase 2 – Up & running

Upload & set launch date – Using the site survey information, our team will input your space data into the platform ready to activate. We can then set a launch date. (Typically we would allow 2 weeks build up time to secure bookings with relevant vendors)

Size is important – We determine which size unit can fit within your space. We also make sure vendors do not clash with existing retail on your assets. Compliment not cannibalize.

Vendor compliance – We guarantee that all vendors are vetted and approved. Each vendor submits compliant documents to their profile for example: PAT testing, food hygiene, liability insurance etc. If any of these documents expire we freeze the vendor account until they are back up to date.

Phase 3 – Features & benefits

Booking alerts/vendor line up – You will receive an email every Thursday by 5pm with the following weeks booking(s), as well as automated updates for any changes to the bookings so you are always in the loop.

Marketing & social media – Feel free to shout about the partnership in any marketing communications: tenant e-flyers, promotional emails, on-site posters, company websites, signage. The more noise the better and we are happy to provide further guidance & support.

Ongoing support & maximising assets – Our Space Liaison will be on hand to maximise your estate: more day parts like breakfast and evenings, seasonal offers and private bookings. Our street ambassadors carry out regular spot check sites maintaining standards and checking compliance.

Financial recon – At the end of each month we will issue a statement to you containing total bookings along with any cancellations and in line with the agreed revenue split.

Summary – in the end everybody wins

Additional revenue, increased footfall, and happy tenants. We work across all sectors, from office to transport and would welcome the opportunity to explore any portfolio wide assets you may have

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We now consider StreetDots to be a key commercial partner of Land Securities, they have brought great professionalism and an innovative approach to deliver fresh and exciting concepts to our portfolio that have real relevance in our marketplace.


Hassle free place making

  • Anywhere: offices, universities, stadiums, high street and industrial parks
  • Unlock revenue: through regular ground rent and one-off events
  • Market matching: we categorise vendors to complement your existing tenant mix
  • Control: you decide which types of vendors you would like and which days they visit
  • Compliance: vendors' documents are strictly vetted and monitored for expiry
  • Rotation: a changing line-up of vendors every day, month or week to keep a space interesting
  • Micro leasing: let space by the hour or particular time of day – think morning coffee, lunchtime street food and rush hour flowers
  • Seasonal booking: host an ice cream cart in summer or gift stall at Christmas
  • Free site survey and turnaround within 24 hours
  • Support: regular vendor visits from our street ambassadors ensure our vendors meet high standards
  • Communication: contact the StreetDots team instantly through our land operator portal

Building Owners
and Operators

Maximise your assets with StreetDots. Utilise your unused space and make additional revenue.

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Independent Brands and Artisans

Flexible sales and exclusive locations across the city. Choose your dates, your dot, and book via our vendor app.

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and Tenants

Discover brand new flavours, discover independent brands, and avail of our wellbeing offerings.

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Private Bookings and Corporate Events

Bored of traditional catering? Cater your own events by handpicking your offering and let the party come to you!

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