Great Placemaking Quotes: Couldn’t have said it better

Placemaking is only starting to be seen as a required skill in real estate. It is how proptech was viewed in 2016. People were starting to talk about it, but no-one know just how big it was going to get. If you think about it, land is the most valuable resource we have as humans – in and out of business. It makes sense to utilise it! That’s where StreetDots comes in. We are helping hundreds of real estate companies by activating dead spaces and creating a buzz in an otherwise quiet area. Take our word for it – placemaking is going to be HUGE.

Placemaking is now becoming so popular that large real estate giants are creating director level positions in their organisations for placemaking.

Even new development experts are seeing the value in placemaking strategy.

Quotes from the experts which assure us we are moving in the right direction

These spaces or voids may be the most difficult to quantify, but they matter the most because that’s where people gather and experience community.


By activating the spaces in between buildings, we can build community.


Consumers want honest and authentic experiences.


Cultures and climates differ all over the world, but people are the same. They’ll gather
in public if you give them a good place to do it.


If places are to attract and retain people, it only follows that existing and growing communities must be engaged in their creation and management.


It is now widely accepted that well-designed, well-managed places deliver economic, social and environmental benefits and that placemaking goes far beyond good quality pavements or street furniture.