Experiential event marketing needs to become more affordable and flexible! StreetDots is on a mission to make that happen. We want to align real estate with big brands. 

Are you a big brand planning for the next big campaign? We can help you to enliven any product launch with our food and music offerings. 

We want to create a platform for big brands to reach consumers face to face. We want real estate companies to align with brands that share their values. 

Maximise your event marketing

Instead of paying tens of thousands of pounds to show off a new shiny supercar in an airport, why not park it in the city of London for a day or two? We want to create beautiful spaces and spark imagination in passers-by.

Short-term retail is not just for small businesses anymore. What started as a way for the small brands to create an affordable, one-time experience for their following, has rolled into a golden opportunity for big business as well. Basically, these “pop-ups”, don’t seem to be popping down anytime soon.

It’s time for big real estate giants to use services such as StreetDots to help, not only with their reputation but to help them stay trendy and on point! Being associated with brands that share similar values can add incredible value to your real estate portfolio.