Some example case studies

Public and private land:
Wembley Park, Quintain and Brent Council

StreetDots worked closely with property developer Quintain and Brent Council on the phased redevelopment of a privately owned public square near to Wembley Stadium and Arena. StreetDots initially launched five vendors operating one day a week. This grew in tandem with the site’s development to five vendors, five days a week. In addition, the booking platform supports activity at Wembley Arena, including the X-Factor and themed events such as Bollywood film screenings.

Our flexible technology enabled us to tailor the street trading offer to each stage of Wembley Park’s development. Following the completion of Phase One, we not only opened more dots but changed the profile of eligible vendors to reflect the site’s new food and beverage tenants. We are now supporting Phase Two with traders that are well matched to the construction phase of the development.

Transport network
Transport for London

StreetDots won the contract to become Transport for London’s street vending partner in 2018. Phase One focused on testing the concept across a limited range of sites, including underground stations, bus stations, and freehold land. This allowed us to gather data as to how different sites performed in terms of vendor type, footfall flow, and price points. During this period, we liaised extensively with numerous local stakeholders, including the London Fire Brigade, City of London, health and safety executives and local residents/business groups. We have now entered a structured roll-out of approximately six new locations every four weeks.

Our booking platform allows for many of the TfL sites to operate multiple trading sessions, along with offering a variety of retail, food retail and wellbeing trading opportunities. This can see up to three different vendors trading from the same space over the course of a single day. This not only maximises the work opportunities for local vendors but also brings enlivenment for the surrounding community. This market matching ability is unique to our technology and helps engender loyalty and trust from vendors.

Public seasonal event
Oxford Street, Christmas Lights

StreetDots was appointed as the approved supplier at short notice to provide thirty food and beverage vendors for the Oxford Street Christmas Lights switch on. This is an annual event, attended by over 100,000 people over the course of the day, spanning the entire length of Oxford Street.

The event required StreetDots to work closely with the New West End Quango, Westminster Council, Wide One Events, TfL and an independently managed health and safety auditor. StreetDots was contacted on the 7th of October, within the 28-day statutory limit to apply for Street trading licenses from Westminster. It was only due to our robust compliance procedures and tech platform that street food was able to be included at this event. Core to the event was StreetDots acting as the central point of contact for the various stakeholders and the vendors themselves.

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