StreetDots managing the food trucks and retail concessions at your next event will guarantee a success. – StreetDots

Most event organisers know that creating amazing catering can be a real challenge. You have probably tried to host food trucks at events in the past, but have had to deal with strenuous restrictions and tedious admin. Here’s how StreetDots can take this away and provide seamless experiences in f&b and retail at your next event.

Most people think that food truck chefs can only provide food outdoors, but StreetDots have many 

traders who can serve up tasty dishes and treats indoors too! 

From corporate meetings to employee appreciation events to music festivals, many events are opting to use food trucks for catering services and add-on services. Hiring food trucks normally is normally a logistical nightmare starting from finding the right offer at the right price and communicating with the vendor to provide what you need. StreetDots takes the pain and stress out of this part of the event organising process and act as the middleman between event owners and traders. They have great relationships with vendors and know what brands fit with each event from menu offerings to truck aesthetics.

StreetDots have the world’s largest database of mobile street businesses in street food, grab n’ go, sweet treats, alcohol, beverages, retail, produce and more! No matter what size your event, we can help you. Due to the size of our database, we can create bespoke and tailored packages to fit andy theme and budget. 

Here’s how StreetDots can help!

1. We ensure all of our traders are fully compliant and vetted. 

2. We provide our vendors with risk assessments for each event and manage all aspects of health and safety.

3. Our database of 2500+ independent brands ensure variety and choice to fit any theme. Our team will provide you with a selection of hand picked traders based on your requirements.  

4. We look after all trader contracts and paperwork and have experience in asking the right questions. 

5. Our team will come and do a free venue survey prior to your event. We will advise you on where to position the trader(s) at the venue. 

6. We will communicate with the traders to streamline menus or request new dishes. StreetDots have the relationships with traders which allow for customisation. 

7. If you have a theme, we will find traders to match. Japanese themed event? We can bring you sake, sushi, noodles and more! (We can also bring in retail offerings or goodie bags!)

8. We can assist with pre-paid portions and vouchers if complimentary. 

9. We can advise you on portion numbers and sizes. (additional food truck staff if required)

10. We will complement your existing catering partner offering. We will not compete. 

11. We will manage the load in and load out times and logistic issues such as weight loading. 

12. 130 different international cuisines to choose from as well as a wide range of beverages.

13. 6 different unit types. Hundreds of styles and looks from clean to quirky (Bike, Cart, TukTuk, Gazebo, Trailer, Truck)

14. We have experience from managing over 100 successful events 

15. We can help with what your caterers cannot do – with additional creative and original flair. 

We have worked with the following organisations:

Here’s what they have said:

Let StreetDots help in creating incredible and memorable food and retail moments. 

Give your guests / delegates something to remember!

It’s all about experiences, right?

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