Husband and wife duo, Mike and Chun have been expanding their business via the StreetDots platform. They create authentic street food. Delicious noodles made the Chinese way. The vibrant flavours whisk you away to Chengdu, China – the land of spices and pandas! Their noodles are quickly gathering a reputation of being the best in London, via the StreetDots platform.

Mike and Chun have been working hard to build their brand and have recently re-banded – meaning, they have upgraded their truck. They have created a new, slicker brand, which will set them apart. Here are the before and after images:


Kang Foo Noodles: A StreetDots success story!


Kang Foo Noodles: A StreetDots success story!
We asked Mike to share his story with us. Here’s what he said:

My wife who is a Chinese Doctor wanted to start a street food business. She is always cooking for the family and I think they thought it was a great idea, she loves it when people enjoy her cooking. When we get repeat customers saying how great the food is, and where have we been, that puts a smile on her face and is a great feeling.

It was a tough start as we had no idea, made many costly mistakes but we are still going. We have not deviated from our core dishes, and every pot is fresh, tasty and great quality.

Q: Streetdots: When did you join the StreetDots platform? Had you been trading long in London before then? 

We joined Streetdots in March 2017. We made a conscious decision in January 2017 just to trade in London.

Q: Streetdots: What made you want to start using the StreetDots platform?

Streetdots is the only platform available and still is, that you can understand, and is way ahead of anything else on offer.

Q: Streetdots: Do you think that this platform has helped with your growth? Can you tell us more about your time on the platform and what the best parts have been for you?

I think without using the platform it would have made life a lot harder to trade in London, that is not to say the platform itself is perfect. The team are great and I enjoy my little chats with them. It was due to a long chat with Pepo at StreetDots, that the design on the van has changed. I am hoping that our continued association will grow our business even further.

Q: Streetdots: What is your favourite ‘dot’ or trading spot?

We have a few favourite dots, but I think our favourite Is City Point as they are always very organised, and you know exactly what is going to happen, as with Chiswick.

Q: Streetdots: If you could start all over again, what food would you offer?

I don’t think we would change our menu, as we feel we serve very tasty food, that would be like asking KFC to sell beef burgers only! We are looking to expand our menu as my wife does a dish called wonton, this is a Chinese dumpling, I am trying to persuade her… wish me luck. 😉

Q: Streetdots: What are your future plans? Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

In five years I will be on the beach, but my stepson and his girlfriend will look to build the business as they are young and have the energy,  option we are looking at is more vans, and possibly a restaurant as well. Let’s get this unit right first! Still evolving…

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