Seasonal opportunities for pubs and leisure venues

Connecting leisure venues with independent artisans and creators to create fresh and vibrant spaces not to mention additional revenue and free marketing via happy customers!

Pubs and bars throughout the country are constantly striving to bring their customers something different through seasonal offers and understanding market trends. You will often see an ever-present selection of drinks, but it is the rotational beers, ciders, spirits and seasonal cocktails that tend to keep them coming back! It, therefore, only seems logical to replicate this in the lunch and dinner offers.

An astounding 18 pubs are closing every week in the UK. StreetDots want to help keep these independent businesses stay alive by creating hype and excitement with new offerings – and the best part? You get paid! People are spending more on beer in shops than in pubs – this is where StreetDots come in. They can help create destination pubs to provide an experience around the pub enhanced with exciting food offerings! StreetDots are working closely with every sector in real estate – and have been working especially close with leisure venues and pubs to help pub landlords and venue managers enliven spaces and attract more patrons. 

In 2016, 23% of consumers said they had visited a pub in the past month because of the high quality of food on offer; by 2018 this had risen to over 30%. Currently, 69% of pub-goers say that one of the most important factors that would make them choose one pub over another is high-quality food, while one in six who visit pubs or bars to eat say they would go especially to try a new menu.

Make additional revenue with no expenditure

Have you ever thought about doubling your size of your kitchen to feed more people in your establishment? Well, thanks to StreetDots, you don’t need to extend or buy any new equipment to feed more people. The best part about this, is that StreetDots will pay you, yes you, to collaborate. You can make additional revenue with no expenditure. 

Do you ever see images on TimeOut of pubs with people spilling onto the street and wonder how to get the same effect? We have the secret. The secret is in the StreetDots sauce. 

Imagine being able to serve up tasty food offerings outside of your establishment or even in your beer garden. No ordering in food, no food wastage, no cleaning, no extra staff! This also keeps the offerings fresh and exciting with a rotational offering. StreetDots is the world’s first digital placemaking platform and they are here to help enliven spaces and areas across the city. 

They are all about the right time, right place, right offer and market match the offerings with the right vendors and locations. Their digital platform allows their database of over 2000+ mobile traders to book locations suitable for the land partner’s needs. 

UK consumers are time-poor, on average we have just 10 free hours a week. Pubs need to compete for this market.

If you have space outside of your establishment, why not try StreetDots and watch your revenue increase?

Here is an interesting fact: PathIntelligence has estimated that increasing dwell time by just 1% leads to an average 1.3% increase in sales. Staying in the pub for just one more pint can increase sales between 20-25% per customer per visit. It’s time to give them something tasty to wash down! 

Here is our Leisure Venue Pack on Issuu

A few of our forward-thinking land operator partners

We work with hundreds of the UK's top real estate firms and transportation organisations to activate dormant land.

We do this free of charge. We do not charge our partners anything for this service. In fact, our land operators make money by collaborating with us. The most which can be made from a single dot is £50,000 per annum, if fully activated.

  • Abredeen Asset Management
  • Blackstone
  • British Land
  • Brookfield Asset Management
  • CBRE
  • Derwent London
  • Great Portland Estates
  • Grosvenor
  • Here East
  • New River
  • Savills
  • Schroders
  • Segro
  • Stanhope
  • TIAA Henderson Real Estate
  • Transport for London
  • Wembley
  • Westfield
  • Wework
  • u+i