StreetDots offers Residential Placemaking trial
StreetDots to help residential developments with space activation and community engagement

StreetDots is the world’s first digital placemaking platform – we breathe life into new and existing developments. By connecting the real estate community with independent brands, we are improving the tenant experience. We have opportunities for both commercial and residential land partners as we work with every single real estate sector!

StreetDots has created a 4-week trial package for forward-thinking residential development operators and owners. 

We recognise the need for the residential enlivenment and have witnessed a growing demand for it. 

There are many residential areas which lack life and lustre. The infrastructure in some areas can quite basic, with only a few offerings like a cafe, a shop and a chippie!

We want to help areas like this experience what our platform can bring to the local community on a regular basis! By trialling this offer, we hope to bring your community outside again and make people proud of where they live! This will hopefully inspire the community to come out and communicate with one another regularly. These days, it’s rare to feel that sense of community – even in the most compact areas. 

StreetDots offers Residential Placemaking trial

Imagine being able to come out onto your street to have delicious Colombian coffee on a Saturday morning, or an ice cream on a Friday evening after dinner! We have a huge number of offerings, as we hold one of the largest databases of vetted mobile traders in the UK and the World! We have cuisines and beverages from all over the globe and can bring them directly to your tenants. 

The original ‘street party’ dates back for centuries in the UK communities. We are trying to bring it back and create that sense of belonging again!

StreetDots offers Residential Placemaking trial

Residential place-making is often overlooked, in favour of focusing on the workplace. We have identified your site as one that could be at the forefront of this enlivenment. Not only would this be great for your organisation, but great for the people in your neighbourhood as well as your local council! 

Here’s the offer:

Phase 1:

Every development is different, but our experienced team can determine the best offer for your site. We will gather data over a four-week period with a structured programme. During this phase, we will operate multiple trading sessions to determine the best mix for your particular site and residents. Here is an example below: (depending on how and when you’d like to activate the space!*)

We would suggest these days for ideal residential land activation:

  • Friday night
  • Saturday morning
  • Saturday night
  • Sunday morning

We recommend these portions as a guide – to keep residents happy and full! (please note- our traders normally trade on a rotational basis – keeping offerings fresh and new!)

  • Week 1 = 90 portions
  • Week 2 = 70 portions
  • Week 3 = 50 portions
  • Week 4 = 20 portions

 *We will require a deposit to guarantee a certain number of portions per vendor (these will decrease weekly as the trial comes to an end)

We have identified this trial as one of the most affordable ways of allowing the residential market to avail of our services. 

We will lead a joint marketing venture, driving this through our consumer app, for best visibility and through this we can collect a huge amount of data and will provide feedback in our final report. We will be collecting data to determine which days would work best for a permanent offer. 

How the trial works: 

  • We will market-match to determine the best traders for your trial location
  • We will work with you to create a suitable calendar of activation based on your needs
  • You will have a dedicated Residential Account Manager -who will assist you the entire way through the 4-week trial
  • We will provide you with flyers to distribute across your development/estate – alerting tenants and residents abut upcoming activation
  • We will track all portions and sales via our app – we will be able to control and see how many are sold whilst decreasing this volume throughout the duration of this phase.
  • We will use marketing via our app and social channels to generate consumer interest and uptake to gain access to the pre-paid portions. 
  • We will support internal marketing initiatives but urge you to use local channels for the community to plan their activities in advance.
  • We will create and share a case study on the success of the trial to share with our audience.

What you will get:

  • Happy tenants and residents!
  • Seen as a forward-thinking real estate company using pioneering tech to enliven spaces
  • Residential land data – commercial data collected and shared on footfall via purchases in trading sessions
  • Ending with the right offering on the right day for residents/community on an on-going basis
  • Free marketing with your trial case-study

Phase 2:

After the audit of the four-week trial, we will look at data gathered and propose what we feel would be the best plan going forward. We would like to perpetually activate the space; this might be a weekly or monthly activation on certain trading sessions, or more of a pre-paid event booking to enliven the community. Also bringing in other aspects of enlivenment like wellbeing or music!

*Please be aware we cannot guarantee enlivenment on these trading sessions going forward but using our model we can help gather data on the wants and needs of consumers within the area and refine our offering to reflect this.

Please get in touch with Zara Radcliffe, our Land Acquisition Manager to learn more!

A few of our forward-thinking land operator partners

We work with hundreds of the UK's top real estate firms and transportation organisations to activate dormant land.

We do this free of charge. We do not charge our partners anything for this service. In fact, our land operators make money by collaborating with us. The most which can be made from a single dot is £50,000 per annum, if fully activated.

  • Abredeen Asset Management
  • Blackstone
  • British Land
  • Brookfield Asset Management
  • CBRE
  • Derwent London
  • Great Portland Estates
  • Grosvenor
  • Here East
  • New River
  • Savills
  • Schroders
  • Segro
  • Stanhope
  • TIAA Henderson Real Estate
  • Transport for London
  • Wembley
  • Westfield
  • Wework
  • u+i