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StreetDots: the future of placemaking The platform connecting real estate with independent brands

Streetdots are pioneering technology to create vibrant spaces. Our platform enables land owners and building operators to take advantage of outdoor food and beverage, retail, wellbeing and experiential offerings. Our booking platform provides a seamless end-to-end solution for over 2,000 vetted traders. Our land partners gain from increased footfall, improved tenant experience and additional revenue.

A marketplace for outdoor mobile street vending

StreetDots are revolutionising the street trade industry. Our platform enables land operators, vendors and consumers to take advantage of the benefits of street trading, all via our custom-built apps for each stage of the process.

Building Owners
and Operators

Maximise your assets with StreetDots. Utilise your unused space and make additional revenue.

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Independent Brands and Artisans

Flexible sales and exclusive locations across the city. Choose your dates, your dot, and book via our vendor app.

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and Tenants

Discover brand new flavours, discover independent brands, and avail of our wellbeing offerings.

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Private Bookings and Corporate Events

Bored of traditional catering? Cater your own events by handpicking your offering and let the party come to you!

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How we work

Great outdoor spaces are often under-utilised. StreetDots can help you turn that space into an opportunity for street retail to flourish. Not only are you making that space work harder, but you’re giving customers a chance to try something new and different. We really liked the idea of taking a space and creating an opportunity for entrepreneurship to flourish, so we created the StreetDots platform to make that happen!

A conversation with retail designer Darren Callcott led to the idea of StreetDots, a network of pitches or ‘dots’ onto which traders could book using a one-stop technology platform. The idea was to reclaim the sector from bureaucracy and return it to young businesses that are looking for a launch-pad for their brand. find out more

A unique, evolving platform

Our in-house team of designers and developers are constantly revising our unique suite of products that work together to provide land operators, vendors and consumers with exclusive opportunities.

Manage your tennant mix quickly and easily, plan your trading six weeks in advance, or simply find the latest food and retail offers local to you.

We are always growing our land operator and vendor databases to ensure StreetDots offers an unrivalled opportunity for all our users to maximise their revenue. find out more

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