We find the pitches. You focus on building your business.

Street trading is about freedom, exploration and bringing your product direct to consumers. We find the locations and put them on our easy to use app, leaving you time to grow and develop your business.

The ‘Trade Smart’ app by StreetDots means you only have to register one time before you can access hundreds of ‘dots’ or spaces to trade on. Hassle free street trading, just the way it should be! 

The Trade Smart app, created by street traders for street traders

The StreetDots platform connects you to a UK-wide network of pitches or ‘dots’ which includes office complexes, public squares, shopping centres and retail parks as well as transport hubs.   The app also collects and analyses a range of data to help you make key decisions about your business.  Download ‘Trade Smart’ on Apple or Google Play, registration takes approximately 40-60 minutes and then you’ll be up and running on the StreetDots network. 

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