The StreetDots platform connects street traders to great outdoor spaces,
giving customers variety and choice all around them

About StreetDots

When you take a dormant or under used space and you turn that into an opportunity for street retail to flourish on, not only are you making that space work harder but you’re giving customers a chance to try something new and different.  We really liked the idea of taking an empty space and creating an opportunity for entrepreneurship to flourish so we created the StreetDots platform to make that happen! 

We’re expanding across the UK and work with over 800 independent street trading brands.

Customers find cool brands popping up on the streets
Street traders find spaces to grow their business on
Landowners can make their locations more interesting  

Take your brand to the streets

Evolution of street trading

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StreetDots is born

A conversation with retail designer Darren Callcott led to the idea of StreetDots, a network of pitches or ‘dots’ onto which traders could book using a one-stop technology platform. The idea was to reclaim the sector from bureaucracy and return it to young businesses that are looking for a launch-pad for their brand.

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