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Smart Trading Spaces

Established in 2014 to give high-quality trading opportunities to street traders. We work in partnership with the UK’s leading landowners to create ‘Smart Trading Spaces’ that can be booked by traders, via our app. Each Smart Trading Space has been set up so that traders can simply drive on, trade and drive off and each space rotates regularly to keep it fresh and varied for the customer.

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  • Taste Buchanan

    Coming Soon

  • Change Please

    We love the Change Please vision of making the world a better place, one coffee at a time. In partnership with the UK’s Big Issue charity, they empower homeless people with the skills and equipment to become baristas. We support Change Please by getting their coffee carts into prominent locations across London so that more of you can grab a coffee and support the capital’s homeless. Find them at @ChangePlease

  • StreetDots App

    This summer we’re launching the StreetDots customer app so that you can locate, support and follow your favourite street traders. We’ll be launching slowly at first so stay tuned to Twitter to see where we’re going. The app will be available on Apple and Android from late May.

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